Afro Funk All Stars

Afro Funk All Stars (danceable Latin jazz) is a “flavor of afrocuban music” that is a hot and spicy fusion of funk, cha-cha,Afro-Cuban Rumba, African, Caribbean and original and "latinized" standard jazz tunes to satisfy your appetite whether you are a jazz lover or Salsa/Latin dancer.  The East Coast band, based in Fredericksburg, Virginia, features the original compositions and arrangements of world-renowned congero, Alberto Limonta Perez aka "Limon" born in Havana, Cuba.  Highly regarded in Cuba, he was a percussionist and vocalist with the legendary Havana rumba group Clave y Guaguanco. Limon is joined by Nic Sam adding his "pinch of bass and keyboards",Tom Beaulieu a "splash of guitar"and to round out the group Percy Burt on bass to spice up the overall Latin flavor for your listening enjoyment.

“The perfect music for our wine festival and a hit with our guests...Afro Funk All Stars is the sound that I was looking for...the music that complements good wines with good times.” (Manager of Public Events, Stratford Hall, Jon Bachman)

“The music is captivating...families love to listen and move to the sounds of Afro Funk All Stars, and we at the Museum love to host them!” Jeremy Vaughn, Membership Coordinator, Fredericksburg Area Museum and Cultural Center 

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